GoFar Helps You Get More Out Of Your Car

Australian company GoFar has spent two years developing technology to help you travel further on a tank of gas. Founded in Sydney in 2013, GoFar’s efforts to date have produced a world first energy tracking system which enables drivers to find where the fuel efficiency ‘sweetspot’ is for their vehicle.

The Sweetspot

By using the science that governs the operation of your car’s engine, the GoFar system helps you get more out of your drive, for less. According to co-founder Danny Adams, “for every engine speed there’s a sweetspot, an optimum throttle position that maximises your power and minimises your fuel consumption. It’s where your car runs best. Driving in the sweetspot saves fuel, which saves money and cuts emissions”. The real-time feedback provided to drivers means that they can adjust and learn more efficient driving styles to suit their vehicle and traffic conditions. In trials, GoFar’s technology has generated fuel consumption reductions of 13-22%.

Application of the system to your car is really simple. It consists of a dongle that plugs in to your car under the dash and a display unit that attaches to the dashboard in front of the driver. These two components are paired to your smartphone. Your smartphone then acts as a trip computer, tracking your car’s key metrics and automatically storing them for you to access after your drive.

The dash display borrows some of the principles employed in Formula-One racing cars. In Formula-One, drivers rely on a dashboard LED light display to determine the right shift points for the car so that they can achieve optimal speed. The GoFar dash display lights up blue when your car is operating with optimal efficiency; i.e. in the sweetspot. Red means that you are wasting energy (and money).

The user can not only access totals from their trip, they are also provided with actionable insights. The GoFar technology is able to tell drivers how much aggressive acceleration and harsh braking maneuvers actually cost them. With its latest Kickstarter campaign, GoFar is hoping to raise the funding needed to help bring this technology to market.



There are a number of important benefits attaching to the GoFar energy tracking system. These include:

  • Saving money – Reduced fuel consumption means fewer trips to the gas station, keeping money in your pocket. Smoother driving also results in less wear and tear on your vehicle, meaning that it will last longer.
  • Going green – As fuel costs are reduced, so are emissions.
  • Safer driving – Multiple fleet trials in Europe have shown that reduced accident numbers is a happy correlate of driving in the sweetspot.
  • Get where you’re going faster – Despite common perception, numerous studies have demonstrated that efficient driving can reduce travel times in urban environments.
  • Easy data – Stored data includes time, speed, RPMs, distance, throttle position and fuel burned. This is transformed into trends and insights to help you reduce your costs.

GoFar’s Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to run until June 3rd. I for one hope that they receive the backing they need to commence commercial production. It is elegant technology that will help to make your vehicle a truly smart car.

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