Three Travel Startups You Should Plan Your Next Trip With

It’s the holiday season, and that means one thing (besides excessive eating, and tacky sweaters), time to travel.

With travel expecting to reach record numbers throughout the next few weeks, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pick out three startups innovating the way we get to our destination.

These range from traditional flight booking platforms, to more specified searches for holiday goers with unique needs. All of them look poised to make a mark on the industry in the future.

1. Rome2Rio

(Source: Rome2rio)

(Source: Rome2rio)

If you’re map crazy, or just like to know every potential route available to you, including those you might not get through more commonly used sites then this is the place to go.

Rome2Rio allows its users to put in a destination, along with travel dates, and upon searching will produce a world map featuring available travel routes from Point A to Point B and everything in between. What do we mean by that? The website doesn’t simply generate air travel routes, but also bus, train, and even car paths. It also appeals to the curious mind. After all, where else would I be able to find out how much it costs to take a bus from Berlin to Uzbekistan?

2. Villy



This Boston based startup, founded just under a year ago is allowing people to personalize their stay in a number of worldwide locations based on their own priorities.

When accessing the site, its interface allows users to select specific factors they want to be taken into consideration, and then offers hotels in that neighborhood. If you want to party, simply select the “bars” option, and you’ll be directed to the fun side of town, and have the option to pick from establishments in that city district after entering your budget, and travel category (couple, family, friends, or solo). The same goes for restaurants, museums, and general sightseeing fields.

For first time travelers to a city this is especially useful. Most of us can attest to the difficulty of figuring out where to book a hotel in a city we’ve never been to before.

3. Captainwise

(Source: Captainwise)

(Source: Captainwise)

These guys have already been profiled by Startup Hook in one of our first articles, and for good reason as well. In cases where someone already knows when they’ll be travelling, but isn’t sure where their next vacation spot will be, or if it fits their budget, Captainwise comes to the rescue.

Its homepage allows users to select travel dates, along with their total budget, and will generate a wide range of destinations which fit both. These lists cover both flights, and accommodation. Furthermore, it offers visitors the ability to mix-and-match both should they want to change any of the details. The smooth, minimalist interface makes the website feel more like a search engine than a travel site as well, removing the clutter we’ve become accustomed to on most booking pages.

Humorous advertisements like the one below don’t hurt either.

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  1. Treksavvy is a great site, if they have a city you are traveling to

    I used it for a trip to Salvador and had a 100x better trip because of Treksavvy. I wasted so many hours reading through comments on other sites, and still was not clear on what I should do, where I should eat, etc. Found Treksavvy thru a google search and nailed it.


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