Will Stikey Disrupt The Smartphone Accessory Market?


Accessories for smartphones might not be anything new, but even in a condensed field there are a few products which manage to set themselves apart. One of the primary methods for doing so is through crowdfunding. As an aspiring entrepreneur introducing the market to a new product, what better way to test consumer interest than to find out how willing potential buyers will be to back your initiative?

Stikey is putting that idea to the test with their Kickstarter campaign.

The portable magnetic stand for smartphones offers consumers an easy to use method for keeping both their phones, along with accompanying accessories (headphones, keys, etc.) in place, allowing them to better organize what might otherwise be a number of pocket stuffing gadgets.

As a product, Stikey uses magnets in order to allow its users to seamlessly place their smartphone in an upright position, ideal for table use, along with wrapping up headphones on a wall, or any metallic base where they can hold the device until the next time they want to use it.

Their Kickstarter campaign went live a few days ago, and is aiming for a £12,000 goal to be reached within the next month.


The Details

In terms of how much it’ll cost to get your hands on one of these, the first 100 backers of the campaign will be able to make a purchase for €14, with all other purchases costing €16.

Besides the product itself, Stikey’s package is also a source of innovation, serving as a mounting point which customers can utilize as a mounting point for the device, making essentially making any surface magnetic.

As the company’s team notes, “we developed Stikey in order to enhance our smartphone experience and add the element of versatility in the way we use them. Another important aspect of our design approach was portability. We wanted users to have Stikey with them at all times in order for them to benefit from its features whenever needed”.


Can it succeed? 

Given the range of smartphone accessories already available, the truth is that Stikey is up against a fair amount of competition from the outset. Having said that, consumer trends have been in clear in demonstrating an overwhelming demand for new entries to the market.

In an industry where brand loyalty doesn’t mean much, buyers will be pulled to the product which allows them to organize their accessories in the most user-friendly way possible. In that field, Sticky can certainly make its mark.

Startup Hook has always supported crowdfunding initiatives. We see them as an ideal means of testing out market response in a low-risk environment, allowing brands to gain valuable knowledge, and make required changes to their business strategy in real-time. Stikey is making the most of their experiment, and if the results are ultimately favorable, there’s no reason to believe that they won’t be able to impact the global smartphone accessory field.

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