Top 5 Startups To Look Out For In 2015


Another year comes to an end, and what an exciting one it’s been. Besides Startup Hook launching, there have been some amazing new companies stealing the spotlight, and providing a taste of what’s to come in global tech innovation.

As part of our 2014 wrap-up, we’re looking into five startups that you should keep an eye on in the coming year.

Guess what, we’ve already covered a few.

1. Ello


It’s hard not to talk about a company which came out of nowhere to challenge Facebook’s reign in social media. In our recent profile of the firm we looked into the rage that overtook the internet a few months ago, and analyzed  Ello’s potential for reaching the heights some had booked it for. Of course, there’s still a ways to go before it’s able to compete with its larger adversary in terms of market share and general social reach, but if anything, Ello has done well to pick up on some of Facebook’s downsides and turn them into reasons for people to jump ship.

The company has been at work since we last checked up on it, picking up a nice chunk of venture capital along with a steady growth of its user base, and looks poised for big things in the coming year.

2. Slack


As far as making it easier for work space’s to connect, Slack has taken the cake (and eaten it all). The burden of having to use a number of software platforms in order to effectively speak with coworkers, share files, and have large discussions is still a monstrosity comparable to dealing with large bureaucracies, but this company is looking to put it to rest.

The platform allows coworkers to efficiently connect with one another, accommodate documents from other platforms (such as Dropbox), and goes a long way in making internal communication more user friendly.

It seems they aren’t short of believers, especially ones with deep pockets. The company has amassed almost $42 Million in funding to go along with a total valuation nearing $1 Billion, and is reaping the benefits in terms of media praise. 2015 seems like the year the firm will explode.

3. Avuba


The dark horse of the list, but a startup we believe has massive potential. Up until now the Berlin based company has been able to rein in over $600 thousand in venture capital, and is aiming to make banking simpler for the masses.

Avuba allows its users to create an online bank account, and easily send money to others, even if they don’t have the app themselves. Transfers are instant, and insured up to $100,000. While the company faces competition both in Europe, and the United States, the Startupbootcamp graduates are looking to further expand a market showing massive potential. We’re looking to see how this venture develops in the coming year.

4. Lyft


Given all the bad press, and legal troubles its main competitor, Uber has been getting recently, Lyft is quickly looking to be a more attractive consumer choice as far as getting a ride goes. Its main advantage is in the company structure. By not actually allowing their drivers to make a profit offering rides, but by receiving tips online, the company avoids the legal battles Uber has been involved in.

Furthermore, the firm is looking to make its global breakthrough in the coming months, expanding to over 100 cities worldwide in 2015 alone.

5. Circle


Another Startup Hook profile a few months back, Circle aims to add both safety, and efficiency to Bitcoin trading. With cryptocurrencies having taken off over the past year, this startup is providing its users with a safe, and effective method of actually using their coins for both purchases, and exchange.

One of the main perks Circle offers is being able to send money free of charge. There are no fees involved in using the application, and the company insures all the money in its users’ accounts. Being able to reliably exchange Bitcoin has been a major stumbling block for other ventures in this field, which is why this service is all the more attractive for the prospective trader.

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