Pi-Top Is Taking Customization To Another Level

(Image via Cnet)

(Image via Cnet)

Articles abound regarding the growing industry of 3D Printing. Some recently released machines are even priced within the bounds of the consumer budget or, offer financing for independent startups. One such startup is Pi-Top, and they’ve literally printed the future.

Their initial product, the Raspberry Pi laptop, is the first ever, fully functional, 3D printed laptop. Not only does it work, it’s totally custom. Pi-Top itself, as a company, has a whole separate agenda in their scheme. They want to help everyone 3D print. Specifically, they want any consumer looking at 3D printing to be able to grab the laptop and use it to make their own hardware. Pi-Top even provides free lessons to help users get a handle on creating their own products. Their “Who is it for?” section on Indiegogo states:

“The Pi-Top kit is built with beginners in mind. Our goal is to make hardware as accessible as software is now, and a big part of that is making it beginner friendly.”

In addition to such a lofty and noble goal, it bears keeping in mind that the company initially began its run on Indiegogo on October 13th with an initial benchmark of $80,000. Their campaign ended on Dec. 8th with a grand total of $173,676 gathered. More than twice the requested amount. Such a result begs the question, is this then a sign of things to come?

(image via Indiegogo)

(image via Indiegogo)

Since its inception, the small UK firm has attracted the attention of the entire tech industry, with highlights from big names such as CNet, TechRadar and even Motherboard. Their growing media presence is only matched by their growing list of potential customers.

In an effort to cultivate both a brand presence, and a reputation for user-friendly operation, the team at Pi-Top gathered feedback not just from industry leaders but students and educators as well. This led to their creation of a gamified lesson plan to help you along in your 3D printing journey.

A cursory look will reveal that already several videos on their Indiegogo site are citing the potential benefits a system of this kind will have. These videos come from a variety of sources and include graduate students in engineering, 3D printing startups, and current students. They all have a single general message; Pi-Top is powerful and they stand to make big changes, both in the 3D printing industry, and beyond.

Pi-Top seems to have everything going for it at the current moment. A great presence on social media, a positive image and strong mission statement, not to mention the droves of entrepreneurs and startups just waiting for a cost effective product to give them the boost they need.

Needless to say, 2015 is going to be a very interesting year.

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