Kloud Is Bringing Businesses To The…Cloud


In the rapidly changing world of business services and computing, the shift to cloud based applications is largely inevitable. There are a number of benefits to cloud computing that make the case compelling. These include reduced IT spending, flexibility, scalability and improved business continuity, enabling companies to reduce costs and operate with greater agility in competitive marketplaces.

Australia is ahead of the curve when it comes to the uptake of these services. A recent study issued by global tech giant Infosys has reported that, out of a total of 300 organisations surveyed, adoption of cloud computing was higher than 80% in Australia. This compares to take up rates in the order of 50% – 60% across the other survey regions – the US, UK and Europe.

Since it was founded in 2010, Melbourne based firm Kloud Solutions (Kloud) has been in prime position to take advantage of this trend. By providing an integrated approach to cloud migration it has been able to establish itself as a one stop shop for businesses seeking help to move IT functionality to the cloud. Launched by Nicki Bowers (Managing Director, former Microsoft services sales manager) at a time when there was an absence of local enterprises offering the kind of holistic service that customers were looking for, Kloud has since grown to turn over A$20 million per year in revenue and employ around 130 people from its offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Kloud’s ‘innovation’ in this space has consisted in no small part in providing its customers with something that is refreshingly traditional; namely, good old fashioned service. Aside from simply building and deploying the latest technology efficiently, Kloud aims to better serve its range of corporate, SME and government clients by helping them to “set out cloud strategy, develop roadmaps and prepare business cases”. This way, the solutions that are created are user friendly for staff and stakeholders, a key building block for sustained success.

To complement their service focus, Kloud maintains a blog that highlights relevant technical detail for IT professionals. The blog reflects an approach to innovative marketing, helping to generate significant interest in the business in its formative stages. The blog continues to be a source of new client enquiries on a daily basis.

In late 2014, Kloud’s achievements were recognised by being awarded the No. 1 spot on BRW’s Fast 100 rankings, with a 4 year average annual growth rate of 273%. It also picked up a handy 7th place finish in Deloitte Australia’s Technology Fast 50. The business’s combined growth rate for the 3 year period from 2012 to 2014 was a still impressive 461%.

The full slide deck can be found here.

Kloud has thrived by recognising an early opportunity with cloud technology and being the first in its market to back up the tech with a focused approach on making it easier for customers to adopt and use.

Whilst there are no doubt some firms that remain reluctant to embrace the cloud for a variety of reasons (e.g. security concerns, data sensitivity, legacy systems) advances continue to be made with the technology. Cloud computing is changing they way that businesses do business and it is certain that more great things can be expected in this space.

The next stop is….the cloud!

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