Kahuna Is Mobile Marketing’s Next Big Thing


It is no small secret that mobile and social media have become the advertising platforms of the future. Check any social media platform; Facebook, Twitter, even the archaic Myspace, and you will see blast after blast of the next big thing. The blasting doesn’t stop there either. Major media networks have expanded their content base from cable television right into the digital infrastructure of the internet. News, sports, movies, you name it, now found not only on outlets such as Netflix and Hulu, but now hosted by the same networks that developed the movie or series itself.

This is where Kahuna plants their feet. The mobile marketing startup was founded in 2012 and has since grown by literal leaps and bounds. The company itself has created the world’s first Company Engagement Engine, which allows firms to have a much more far reaching, detailed view of how effective their outreach efforts have been with customers. The platform is unique in that it provides businesses a deeper insight into consumer behavior. Currently on their client list are heavy hitters such as Yahoo, Hotel Tonight and even Fox Broadcasting Company.

The company was founded by two familiar faces in the tech scene. First there is Adam Marchick, you may know of him from the Glow Foundation. If that doesn’t ring a bell, then you’ll definitely recognizr some of his other workplaces, most notably Facebook and Oracle. Then we have Jacob Taylor, a major player at Symantec and co-founding CTO of SugarCRM Inc.

Both of these men have been hard at work with what is a genius idea. You see, everyone is used to commercials. We grew up with them on television. We’ve been used to them on the internet since banners first made their way on the initial web pages. Just about everyone today knows how to operate a pop-up blocker so I won’t even go into that.

Mobile marketing however, is still a field with ample room for development. More than that, it’s a personalized market. Take a look at how sophisticated current smart devices are. Just about every app out there tracks your actions. This in turn feeds the app creators with more information to zero in on recommendations just for you. Your smartphone is no different than a personal shopper. Only this shopper is tailor made for your mobile media experience.

Kahuna comes to capitalize on all of that. With major players in media content already cooperating with them, the reputation has already been established. Kahuna is in, and they’re the big one. Perhaps that’s what the name is all about.


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