Drone Wars. How Rapere Could Change The Industry

(Image via Dronethusiast.com)

(Image via Dronethusiast.com)

One has to love innovation. Take Rapere, for example. This startup is currently in the conceptual stages of mass producing what would be the worlds’ first drone interceptor drone. No that was not a redundancy in wordage. They are in the process of developing a drone that will intercept other drones, under the guise of keeping high priority individuals such as celebrities free from prying eyes. Still, whatever the reason, I am undeniably thankful.

As of now the drone market is nearly without any system of checks and balances. Sure the market is small, with major corporations such as Amazon still in the planning stages of their drone delivery system. Still, when such a plan comes to fruition, where then does it end?

Personally, I don’t find it hard to imagine an American skyline full of quad and octo-rotor drones. Police surveillance, news reporting, maybe even pizza delivery, are but a few functions these drones will come to serve. All with eyes and all in the sky. Where does that leave people who just want to be left alone? What’s to keep us safe when someone compromises any one of these drones? Other than shooting drones out of the sky with a personal firearm, which would be dangerous in any setting, there are few options for keeping a drone from snooping.

This is why Rapere has such a brilliant idea. The fast acting drone can isolate any unwanted drones, intercept and neutralize, and, return to home base. Estimated flight time is two minutes. Apparently the drone itself is quite fast and their current prototypes are capable of intercepting any quad-rotor drones currently in civilian use. If you read the description on their website, they also seem to be aiming at fixed wing drone interception in the future. I do wonder what the Department of Defense will think about that.

So, what’s to keep others from abusing these interceptors?

Rapere has already thought of that too. According to them, their plan is twofold. One, they plan to keep the drones “professionally priced.” To me this means a step back from mass production which might conflict with their current strategy. Still, as they boldly admit on their website, they’re not quite sure how this will all unfold. Admirable in their honesty. The second portion of their plan for release of these drones is to qualify the applicants and have these drones and their handlers registered with local authorities and/or private security personnel. Not a bad idea when considering these drones are aimed at high priority individuals.

Whatever the reason, the novelty of the Rapere product is sure to shake up the market. I’m looking forward to seeing the drone itself in action, along with the general public’s reaction to it. One thing is for sure though, if the Rapere drone begins to see a popular rise upon release, the paparazzi aren’t going to be happy.

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