4 Startups Delivering Awesome To Your Door


Everyone loves getting a brown box on their doorstep. Hundreds of startups are now capitalizing on this, bringing excitement to the front door everyday. A new wave of delivery-centered ventures has been better connecting consumers to products in cities across the United States. While the industries these companies are active in might vary, the core service still remains. Here’s the top 4 coolest startups delivering cool out there right now.

Man Crates

(Image via HiConsumption)

(Image via HiConsumption)

Man Crates aims to deliver the manliest gifts possible, ranging from boxes full of beef jerky to full survival kits. Founded in 2011, the company bootstrapped its way to success, so much that it actually held no inventory when it launched its first website. “As soon as someone would click ‘buy,’ we would refund their money and give them a coupon for the next purchase,” Beekman told Mashable in an interview,”We would talk to customers: ‘We’re really sorry. We are a startup. We don’t have inventory to sell you, but what was it that made you want to buy?’” A really interesting take on a minimum viable product. Man Crates has now raised $3.1 million in seed funding, they announced Tuesday.

Blue Apron


Preheat the oven, Blue Apron brings everything you need to prepare a fully home cooked meal right to your front door. With a drawn out recipe card and all the ingredients pre-measured, Blue Apron’s “meal kit” boxes arrive refrigerated and fresh daily. The startup was founded in late 2012 and has grown to a 200 employee company fulfilling over 1 million orders a month to its subscribers and completing multiple rounds of funding, its latest: a series C round in April of last year led by Stripes Group where it raised $50 million.


(Image via Silicon Hills News)

(Image via Silicon Hills News)

If you need a drink right now, Drizly is your go to app. The Boston-based startup was inspired by a late night text to a friend. “Why can’t you get alcohol delivered like you can an Uber car?” Nick Rellas, co-founder and CEO of Drizly sent to a friend. The 2 year old company now delivers beer, wine, liquor, and mixers right to your door in 13 cities in under 40 minutes. Drizly doesn’t see itself as a disruptor, but an ally of small business, foregoing warehouses and distribution centers and opting to partner with local liquor stores instead. “You don’t disrupt a $200 billion industry owned by 20 families,” Rellas said in an interview with Bloomberg, “We want to help all the existing participants make more money.”



Magic is your new genie in a smartphone. Magic’s proposition is simple; text them what you need and they’ll deliver it (as long as it’s legal). Send a text to 408-596-5017 right now to try Magic out. Users describe the service as “magical”, but not as magical as the fact that the young startup processed 17,000 requests in their first 48 hours after launch. Reporters have made a serious effort to test the limits of Magic, but the service apparently can do pretty much anything. “People do want cars, and they do want helicopters to Vegas right now,” Founder Mike Chen said in an interview with Wired, “We’re not here to say what you should or shouldn’t want, we’re here to make it possible to have.”

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