4 Cues To Pick Up From Meerkat


Meerkat is having the startup’s dream right now. The 3 week old video streaming app has already amassed a user base of 150,000 users and seemingly unlimited press coverage since its launch. Combining everyone’s favorite features of Snapchat, Vine, and Twitter, the little yellow app allows users to stream live video to their followers. Think in-the-moment Snapchat Stories. The app has developed obscene buzz with its presence at Austin, Texas’ annual SXSW festival. Here are some tips your startup should pick up on that Meerkat has absolutely aced.

Pick Up Haters


(Image via CBS)

As a result of all this, Twitter has already staged an assassination attempt on Meerkat. In true House of Cards fashion, Twitter made a calculated move in an effort to take the video streaming app out at the knees: revoking its access to Twitter’s Social Graph. What this means for Meerkat users is that they can no longer directly import all their followers over from the popular microblogging platform. Analysts are saying this move is in direct response to the space-steal Meerkat has posed to Twitter, especially with Twitters recent acquisition of Periscope which offers extremely similar features. But despite Twitter’s efforts, this has been far from a kill-shot for Meerkat. The app has 30% increase in signups since Twitter pulled the Social Graph. Haters gonna hate.

Pick Up Coverage


(Image via ABC News)

Much to Meerkat’s benefit, the press has had an absolute field day over the launch of the video streaming app. It’s almost difficult to avoid seeing the latest write up on Meerkat’s hot mobile platform. Google Trends reports an almost 50% increase in searches for the term Meerkat in March alone (the last time the search term saw this type of spike was in 2009 with the release of the Animal Planet’s hit TV show Meerkat Manor). This non-stop coverage has gained Meerkat an estimated 36,000 new users, reports Mashable.

Pick Up Dedication

(Image via TechCrunch)

(Image via TechCrunch)

Not only has Meerkat picked up an extensive user base, it’s pulled some serious dedication from them. The young mobile platform already sports big name power users like skate legend Tony Hawk, US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, and energy drink slash action sports giant Red Bull. The platform has also provided a comprehensive stream of events from the Furgeson vigils to the SXSW festival from multiple users. In a recent post on the long-form Twitter client Medium, Meerkat stated that “Community comes first, utility-second. The app is not just a way to broadcast, it’s a place to have a real-time conversation. Connecting anyone with everyone, and being comfortable to share your perspective”.

Pick Up Style

(Image via BigDog)

(Image via BigDog)

The app itself looks absolutely gorgeous. The flat UI design and the intuitiveness of the product makes users want to use it. They yellow branding is super consistent all the way through, giving the mobile application one of the best looks out there, especially at this early stage. By why Meerkat? “We thought about the meerkat as an animal because the meerkats are moving in colonies and they’re always alerted to what’s going on,” noted founder Ben Rubin last week.

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