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Why is Mark Zuckerberg Investing in Colombia’s Startup Scene?

(Article by Capitalist Exploits) Dale Carnegie was a brilliant man. An intellectual giant with insights most of us will only dream of possessing. I read much of his works when in my…

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Most Promising Startup Cities in Emerging Markets

(Article by Lamudi) Berlin has risen to become one of the new startup capitals of the world, and is a fierce competitor of Silicon Valley or London. However, the success of new…

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Startup Capitals: San Francisco vs. Berlin

Article courtesy of Lamudi After comparing London with Berlin, global real estate portal Lamudi wonders: what are the advantages of Berlin over San Francisco, the start-up Mecca? Even if the Bay Area…

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Are These Asia’s Top 3 Travel Startups?

Asia represents a massive market for travel operators. With a growing middle class and availability of low cost airfares, tourist travel within Asia has grown significantly over the past decade. This has…

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5 Things To Consider Before Starting a Business

Becoming an entrepreneur can be an exciting time in anyone’s life. The realization of personal aspirations, and putting ideas into practice drives many of us to starting a business. The potential for…

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Startup Capitals: London vs. Berlin

Article courtesy of Lamudi Berlin will take over London as Europe’s startup capital within the next five years, according to a new analysis by global real estate portal Lamudi. Berlin, with its…

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6 Lessons Learned from Serial Entrepreneur Wayne Chang

As a founding member of Dropbox, Crashlytics, and now executive at Twitter, Wayne Chang has seen every aspect of a startup. He started his first company in his dorm room, pitched Dropbox…

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The Startup World Gets A Rating System

One of the main difficulties facing potential investors in startups is that the ecosystem’s decentralized nature, along with the potential for growth most new businesses possess (especially those offering services online) makes accurate…

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