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Tidal Will Fail, and That’s a Good Thing

Examples of new ventures which seem to have all the ingredients to succeed, but ultimately fail to live up to expectations aren’t difficult to find. Given the hype surrounding its launch, its big…

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Three Startups Looking To Become ‘The Instagram Of Music’

Creating a successful music centered social network, or even social media platform might as well be the holy grail of the startup world. So far, the concept, which admittedly is a attractive…

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Decibel. Tracking Tunes.

While it’s not the first time a music related startup has been profiled as part of the blog, the industry itself is unique in its constant drive towards innovation. From the early days…

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Promolta. Sing!

  Having had a number of friends and acquaintances who’ve embarked on musical careers, one of the most significant challenges they’ve relayed to me is how to gain an audience without a…

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