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30 Startup Lessons

(Article by Sergio Romo) 1. Building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) is easy. Knowing which assumptions to validate is not. 2. Nailing an MVP fast involves a certain degree of luck. It takes…

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Craftsy – Knit, Sew and Bake Merry!

Have you ever hoped for a one-stop destination where you could get not just the basics, but also buy supplies and learn a bit of the advanced side of your particular brand…

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3 “Wicked Smaht” Boston Education Startups

Boston is home to some of the smartest students in the world. But now the home of the revolution is becoming the home of some of the hottest new startups in the…

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Why Entrepreneurship Should Be Taught In Schools

Creativity in primary and secondary education is badly lacking. Reports have shown that current widespread standardized education models have been ineffective in instilling principles such as innovation across student bodies. In fact,…

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CoffeeStrap. Learn a language with your latte.

  If there’s one thing people, especially professionals, love and want to do more of, it’s learning languages. Knowing a language opens doors to countless personal, and professional opportunities. I can’t tell…

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