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For Stock Options, Employees Are Investors

(Article by Sergio Romo) Early startup employees often find it difficult to determine a fair stock compensation for them. Truth is, they are risk-takers just as founders and investors are. They invest their…

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The Death Of The Office – Why Coworking Is Here To Stay

Posted originally by Talent Garden Forget 9 to 5. Forget a boss you have to appease, a monthly wage you have to battle for, contracts, climbing the greasy pole for promotion. Fear…

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Business Lifestyles: Startups vs. Corporations

Having been part of both worlds, one can notice some similarities and some big differences. At the end of the day, the path you choose to follow is a matter of personal choice…

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6 Reasons You Should Start a Business

Most people have an idea they’d like to convert into a tangible venture of their own at some point. Motives may vary, but starting a business is an exciting experience for any…

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InHiro. Find your match.

  When we talk about the job market there’s a tendency to look at it from the side of the applicant. There’s good reason for that too. From a supply and demand…

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