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Tidal Will Fail, and That’s a Good Thing

Examples of new ventures which seem to have all the ingredients to succeed, but ultimately fail to live up to expectations aren’t difficult to find. Given the hype surrounding its launch, its big…

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TrueAccord Looks To Digitize Debt Collection

As the fintech industry grows, one sector of it has been notably left out of new developments. That sector is debt collection, which has managed to remain trapped in its traditional pre-digital…

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Carl Goes, The City Guide For Urban Nomads

Few objects are more part of the tourist experience than the travel guide. Apart from serving as a lifeline for individuals travelling to new destinations, it’s always been a relatively straightforward experience. This…

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Why Skiplagged Has United Airlines Running Scared

If there was ever a case study for disruptive innovation, this is it. Skiplagged, a tiny travel startup run by 22 year old entrepreneur Aktarer Zaman has been on the front page…

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