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GravityLight Provides a Simple Solution To a Weighty Problem

Lighting is one of the most important things in our lives. Without light the day ends as the sun goes down and both learning and work are cut off as soon as…

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8 Tips For Startups Looking To Import

(Article by James Sinclair) Once startups look to their next big order or customer, it is desirable to import goods or services to reduce costs, add value, increase efficiency and reduce supply…

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Time for Digital Financial Innovation

(Article by Vivianne Arnold) The advent of the Internet has often been compared to invention of the printing press in the late 15th century. Like the Internet, the printing of books made information…

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Zola Is Bringing Tech To The Wedding Industry

If you’ve ever been married, or are planning on getting married, you know what kind of glorious torture you’re in for. Booking the venues, scheduling the dinner parties, registering for gifts, sending…

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(Image via Alejandro Escamilla)

5 Tips For Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Given the substantial investment of both time, and money most put into their ventures, there are a few quick tips which go…

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Pi-Top Is Taking Customization To Another Level

Articles abound regarding the growing industry of 3D Printing. Some recently released machines are even priced within the bounds of the consumer budget or, offer financing for independent startups. One such startup…

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