How Tidal Vision Is Saving The Oceans


 For Craig Kasberg, the ocean isn’t just a vacation destination or a place on a postcard, it’s quite literally his life. As a 23-year-old Alaskan angler, Kasberg knows the importance of the waters as he spends over 28 days at a time on his Craft, Katz.

“That importance of the ocean to my home has always been in me,” Kasberg said in an interview with Mashable. Kasberg and his crew have always practiced sustainable fishing methods, avoiding trawling and over-fishing certain areas. But now, he wants to do even more.

Starting this summer, Kasberg and his team are launching Tidal Vision, an apparel startup aimed at leveling the monetary playing field between sustainable and commercial fisherman by converting waste products from their catch and turning it into high quality apparel. What is ocean waste going to look like when its worn? Tidal Vision already has plans in motion for leather products from fish skin such as belts and wallets, as well as shirts made from crab shells.

Kasberg states that they already have all the processes in motion to create this apparel, with a very careful tanning processes that removes the smell from their fish leather. “Smells more like cow leather than fish,” Kasberg says. As for the crab shirts, the cloth will be made from an extract from the crab’s shell known as chitosan. Chitosan is already found frequently in active wear because of it’s antimicrobial layer and ability to dull the smell of sweat, just not at the same high percentage that Tidal Vision is planning.


“We’ve got fishermen out here trying to do what’s right, but they’re not getting any reward for that,” Kasberg notes. “We can target fishing operations that use sustainable fishing methods, buy back their waste, and even the economic playing field a bit”. With products from Tidal Vision, customers know exactly where their clothing is coming from: wild Alaskan salmon and pot-caught Alaskan Crab. Every single one of Tidal Vision’s suppliers is a certified sustainable fishery working to protect the environment they operate in.

To fund the project, Tidal Vision needs help. They’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign slated for May to help bring fish leather belts and crab shirts into production and right to you. Currently, Tidal Vision is running an early-bird sign up on their website. Sign up now here with just your email to receive updates about their progress and exclusive discounts and gifts for your support of sustainability and the protection of our oceans.

Tidal Vision hopes to boost the appeal of sustainable fishing and even convert commercial fishing into more supportable and renewable practices. “We believe that if the Ocean’s byproducts were used to their fullest potential, it would add value to the fisheries struggling from the costs of protecting against over-fishing, pollution, and habitat damaging fishing methods,” Tidal Vision writes on their website, “Thus, enabling those fisheries that make the extra effort to prosper and encourage other fisheries to follow suit”.

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