The Business Of Pleasure: Crave’s Story

(Image via Crave)

(Image via Crave)

Sex toys. They’re a part of industry and business as much as any other niche. As awkward as these items are with the bashful, room has been made for the current innovation of the erotic accessories industry.

Still, for as large as the market for these products currently is, there is a great deal to be desired considering class and sophistication. A cursory visit to any sex shop will most likely show you cliché or grotesque imagery plastered across the walls. Intimacy shops might showcase lubricants, oils and edible wonders cased in sexy, classy receptacles, but, what about the toys?

Odd oblong boxes, the many varieties of the phallic shape, color choices, barbs, spikes. All of this can be entertaining and even arousing depending on personal bent. But, none of this shows any kind of dedication to the eye of the classy, educated and sophisticated woman. This is where Crave comes in.

Crave is a lifestyle brand aimed at providing classy, tech-savvy sex toys to its consumer base. The San Francisco startup, founded by Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac, has opened the erotic door for the ambitious, educated female in her pursuit of sexual satisfaction. The company launched in 2010 and has since amassed a total of $4.8 million in venture capital from two rounds of Series A funding.

The startup itself is based upon one severe, class. Even looking at their products gives one a sense of dignity and respect. Their debut product, and the world’s first ever crowdfunded sex toy, the Duet has already been a popular seller, and the startup has already released several other products to further bolster their product line. Each toy is built to look like a piece of jewelry or some kind of hi-tech, corporate espionage gadget. With a sleek look, professional coloration and the capability to charge via USB, the Crave line of products stands to change the way the professional world looks at erotic play and sex toys in general.

With such a lush fund to spring from, the only thing that could feasibly drag Crave down is poor decision making, as is the case with any startup. However, with as popular as these items are becoming, and with the talent behind it, this has a strong chance of not coming to pass.

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