Skimble Is Making Fitness Social


There is no denying that mobile technology has become a necessity. We depend upon it.  Our phones and tablets now help us track our plans and finances. Computers can even map out the cosmos.

With this leap in technology, the next logical step was the improvement of the body. Now, I’m not talking about human augmentation or thought controlled gizmos. At least not yet. What I am talking about is rigorous self-improvement and an added dose of healthy competition.

This is what Skimble is all about. This app development startup has created several apps that help individuals track, maintain, collaborate and compete in a variety of fitness workouts and health routines. They’ve even recruited Coco Austin, star of the reality show “Ice loves Coco,” through the “Coco’s Workout World” app. In addition, pro subscribers are able to work alongside a personal trainer to get the results they want.

Skimbles’ entire line is meant to be social as well as personal. This allows users to participate in thousands of workouts while forming friendships, accountability partnerships, and competitions. Keeping users involved in their own progression as well as the progression of any one of over 15 million ‘Skimblers.’

The Skimble “Workout Trainer” app provides these thousands of workouts in one easy location. Each workout can be streamed through any mobile device or even your PC or Mac. Depending on your area of interest and progress, the app will also give you personalized workout recommendations.

Skimble's workout routine

Skimble’s workout routine

Their “Fitness Flow” app allows a user to stream entire high definition workout videos to your Android device. The app is tuned to allow the user to start, stop, pause, and restart the workout at any time. With literally hundreds of these workout videos available, there is no shortage of the improvement a user can make to their health.

Finally, there is the “GPS Sports tracker.” This app allows you to simultaneously track your progress with a given sport, such as biking, running, or, even weight lifting, as well as connect with active individuals in your area. This portion of the app has been called “the digital equivalent to that friend who kicks your butt.”

I know when it comes to fitness for me personally, I have a much better time of things with a friend or partner. Having these apps on your side certainly helps keep your motivation at high levels and allows you to adjust and realign under the weight of your own accountability. I’m all for self-improvement and I certainly hope these apps live up to their potential.

For Skimble, it seems, growth is still on the horizon. They have already won many awards including being on the Top 3 Sites to Better Yourself and Ranked Top 3 Innovate Web Technology at Microsoft Accelerator SXSW. With the climb in the trend of health fitness, Skimble seems poised for stardom.

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