Dots : A Simple Game Makes A Grand Impact

(Image via Wired)

(Image via Wired)

The mobile market is exploding with new games. Everyday new titles surface and old games are washed under the ever rising tide. In a market that now stands with other multi-billion dollar industries, a game must be truly unique to rise to greatness. Dots is one of those games.

What is surprising about Dots are two things. The first is the extremely simple, yet highly elegant design direction. The game is literally about connecting dots in a very tranquil setting. The second is the game’s immense popularity. With games such as Game of War and Clash of Clans on the high dollar earning list, it is surprising to know that the game, Dots, is reported to have been played over 5 billion times in the first year of it’s creation.

Dots launched as a startup in April of 2013 out of New York City, NY. A year later, the company was able to gain $10 million in capital funds in a Series A investment round. Since then the founders, Paul Murphy and Patrick Moburg, have been able to recruit an outstanding team of developers for the continued evolution of the company itself. The team at Dots have also already launched a second title, Two Dots. Both games are currently available on the Google Play marketplace, and, the Apple App Store. Two Dots is also available on Amazon Apps in addition to Facebook. The kicker here is that the games are free, as of now.

(Image via Tuaw)

Two Dots (Image via Tuaw)

While both games focus on the puzzle solving aspect, Two Dots has evolved to form a bit of a narrative adventure that follows the journey of two individual dots. Each game has amassed a collective total of more than 15 million unique downloads on the Google Play store alone, and, the reviews are more often in the 4 to 5 star range. Users commonly comment on the games mood soothing music, addictive puzzle play and the simple yet, gorgeous direction of the games inner artwork. In all cases the users voice, loud and clear, the fun factor of it all.

Given the success coming from such simplistic, yet wholly vibrant Indie games, the question begs to be asked. Is this a sign of things to come? There has been a great deal of distaste and backlash in regards to major AAA titles such as the Mass Effect franchise and even Halo. Will these major publishers take a note from the community at large? With the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo only a few months away the answer is anyone’s guess. We’re sure to find out either way.

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