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Building an online presence as a blogger is more important than ever. Due to both the competition in the market, along with the increasing role SEO plays in the development of any writing outlet, effective monetization strategies are vital.

Conversely, advertisers are in need of valuable connections with online publishers in order to expand their own market reach. Bringing both sides together is what RocketLinks aims to do. We interviewed Emilie Reynaud, who is currently running the company’s German operations to learn more.

– What is RocketLinks?

RocketLinks is an online platform for blog marketing and online PR. We help advertisers to connect with bloggers in their area of expertise. This empower advertisers to build quality links and drive traffic to their website quickly and for a minimum cost

On the other hand, it gives bloggers another solution to monetize their blogs, without losing control of their content or conflicting with their existing affiliate revenues.

– What was the main problem in the blogging field which led to the creation of RocketLinks?

RocketLinks was originally developed as an internal tool for the SEO agency of the two founders, SEOh. They quickly realized that this tool was actually performing better than the other platforms on the market. Furthermore, all of the platforms were foreign-based, often without French-language support service or no office in France.

– In terms of the service itself, what does RocketLinks do which separates it from some of the other blog monetizing platforms available?

First, our commission of 25% on links prices is completely transparent and about the lowest on the market.

Second, contrary to the conditions of use of most of our competitors who rent articles for one year, the articles published with RocketLinks must remain on the website of the publisher until the blog goes offline. This allows a much more natural link building, as disappearing links are never a good signal in SEO.

Furthermore, the subscription to our platform is free of charge and we call each customer registering on the platform in order to better understand their needs and give them advice on their strategy as well as suggestions of blogs that would be interesting for their blog marketing. 

– Connecting blog writers to advertisers is a unique challenge. Would you say it’s a “sale” to both sides? How much of a say do advertisers have on where they’re placed?

The relationship to bloggers and and advertiser is quite different: Advertisers, as our actual customers, are our primary focus and we are particularly attentive to their needs and strategy. As there are very different profiles among our customers, from link building agencies to individuals with little experience in SEO, we adapt our level of support to their needs and want, from complete autonomy to consulting or fully-managed link building campaigns.

Publishers, on the other hand, are rather our partners: by registering on RocketLinks, they empower us to propose a complete and wide range of blogs, making it easier for advertisers to find exactly the blogs they were looking for; on our side, we provide them with an additional possibility to monetize their blog and offer them the same level of support and concern as to our customers, in order to facilitate the sale process as much as possible.

– Within less than two years the company managed to become an industry leader in France. Did you expect to expand so rapidly in such a short time frame?

Not really, I think! As I told you earlier, RocketLinks was first meant as a confidential, private tool. The marketplace was more user friendly, more adapted to the market than our competitors’ and french advertisers adopted it quickly while the number of registered publisher boomed. The whole team works really hard to provide both advertisers and publishers with a great quality of service and the most reliable platform possible. We’re really happy it’s worked out so well!

– After France, RocketLinks came to Germany to start an international expansion. Tell us about what made the country an ideal next step.

Germany is the historical European market when it comes to link building and blog marketing platforms, as well as the biggest market in Europe, four times as big as the French one! Publishers as well as advertisers are well aware of link building techniques and have often worked with other marketplace before, on the contrary to France where a lot of publisher still are new to our concept.

There was also a lack of company proposing durable links, that won’t be deleted by the publisher after just one year.

– You’re a startup in the truest of senses as well, being part of the Berlin tech scene, and a co-working space. How has the experience at Rainmaking Loft been?

I’m having a great time! It was very important to us to establish an office in Germany in order to be as close to our customers as possible and Berlin has such a striving startup scene. Working alone can get pretty heavy sometimes, while working at the Loft gives me the opportunity to meet dozens of driven entrepreneurs and potential customers, connect, get tips, network… without even leaving the office. Plus, the Loft’s team is consists of amazing dedicated people. After a while, it becomes like a little family.

– What’s in store for the future? Any plans for further international expansion we should know about?

We are constantly brainstorming on possible new features for the platform. Lately, we implemented the payment per bank transfer (before that, only PayPal could be used) as well as an “agency” status allowing an agency leader to manage the budget allocated on his or her coworker’s account.

The big news at the moment is the availability of the platform in english language. For existing customers, is already possible to change the language of the interface.

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  1. “There was also a lack of company proposing durable links, that won’t be deleted by the publisher after just one year.” It would be interesting to know how Rocketlinks guarantees that links stay online. Most of the platforms which offer a “1 year Guarantee” because they offer recurring payments each month for 12 months. I heard Rocketlinks pays the complete amount to bloggers after one month. So what happens if a blogger deletes their link after this period? Do the clients get compensated? Do you delete the blogger from your database?
    Thanks for the interesting article, I might have to take a closer look at Rocketlinks in the future. One answer raised a bit of a question mark.

  2. Hello Arthur,

    Of course, as we only work with independent publishers, we can’t guarantee that the blog will not be closed or that the article will not be deleted.

    If the link has indeed been deleted or no-followed, the RocketLinks Team will first notify the blogger and ask him to put the link back online – it might have been a simple mistake, or the blogger, after a few months, might have forgotten that this specific link was paid. However, a negative answer or no answer at all to our request will lead to the immediate deletion of the publisher’s account.

    This situation is anyway pretty rare and not in the interest of the publisher. In France, in over 10.000 deals, we haven’t had more than 5 cases.

    Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call if you’d like more information! We would be more than happy to answer your questions.

    Have a nice day,



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