How Rise Art Changed The Art Dealing Game


Buying art is difficult. The nightmare of spending thousands of dollars on a piece and finding that it doesn’t nearly go with the look of a room is cringeworthy. Thankfully, London-based startup Rise Art has completely changed the game with hassle-free art buying. “Art is a pleasure. Choosing and buying art should be a pleasure too” said Rise Art CTO Marcos Steverlynck in a recent interview.

For everyone who just doesn’t have an eye for art, or are just looking to discover something new, Rise Art’s Art Style Quiz defines your art personality and allows the site to cater pieces right to you. With new work added constantly, art that fits your personality will hit your dashboard, giving you things to hang on your wall all the time. Your personality also takes your budget into account, so you won’t break your bank every time you log in.

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Send It Back

That abstract you just bought just doesn’t work with your urban apartment, and you’re only realizing it now that it’s hung up. Rise Art takes back anything you buy from the site for free if you don’t like it, no questions asked. No more worries about the fit of a piece, letting you be more adventurous with your decisions.

Rent It For The Weekend

Rise Art allows you to rent art for a few months at a time, then send it right back. Keep your look fresh with an ever changing cycle of artwork in your home. With prices ranging from $40 a month, it provides a tempting alternative for consumers.

Rise Art was founded in 2009 by Scott Phillips, and ex-Googler Marcos Steverlynck. Phillips said in an interview with The Huffington Post that “buying art can be an overwhelming commitment — how can consumers be sure that the work they’ve seen on a website or in a gallery will look as good in their homes? We want to open up the art market and help rising artists extend their visibility. On the ownership side, it shouldn’t only be accessible to the wealthy or the well-connected.”

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“We are disrupting the art world status quo. The art market has seen little or no innovation in the past hundreds of years. Art galleries, dealers and auction houses operate basically the same way they did hundred of years ago, and it is very complicated for consumers to understand and get into the market” said Steverlynck. “We aim to make great artwork accessible to everyone, and make the experience simple, easy, fun and accessible.”

Today, Rise Art has a base of over 1,500 artists from more than 30 countries. They have expanded from a solely UK-centered service to an international art dealer since their launch.

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