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The past 35 years has seen a dramatic evolution of portable music devices. From Sony’s first Walkman, to the Discman of the CD era, onto the MP3 player and then the iPod, technology has moved forwards steadily. Today, every smartphone can be a portable music device. But what about the headphones that you need to use with your device so that you can listen in privacy? It is arguable that in this area technology has not kept pace. Wires are still a common sight and can get in the way when you are trying to listen to your favourite tunes when jogging or cycling. Wireless headphones have emerged in the past few years, but are often bulky; wireless earphones are a more minimalist solution.

Twenty-one year old Australian inventor Jonathan Zuvela thinks that he has come up with the next step in this evolution. After being continually frustrated by his wired earphones falling out whilst riding his bike, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Calling on his experience in the mining machinery industry, Zuvela’s company, Nextear, claims to have developed the world’s smartest wireless earphones. Zuvela is running a fundraising campaign via Indiegogo to help get his prototype to the mass market. After setting a modest initial target of US$20,000, in just 11 days 789 funders have contributed over US$98,000. It is early days, but his idea is proving to be very popular, suggesting that consumers are eager to have a better way to listen than what is currently available.

What makes Nextear so appealing?

– Ultra-small earphones that can be paired with any mobile device via Bluetooth – No latency between earphones and device, or from left to right
– Communicate with each other via Bluetooth to produce stereo sound – Earphones can be used one at a time while the other charges
– Each pair comes with a multi-purpose rechargeable storage case – Storage case has a built in cable to charge your phone (both iPhone and Android)
– 40 minute recharge time for 4 hours of continuous playback – 16GB flash memory & removable flash drive
– Built in LED light & USB port

Nextear – The world’s smartest wireless earphones:

If all that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, if you happen to lose your earphones you can use the Nextear app to find them, via the Nextear RADAR function.

With 25 days to run on the Indiegogo campaign, there are still discounted Nextear units available. Depending on the final total raised, Zuvela has committed to stretch goals for the following thresholds:

  • US$100K: 3 different colour earbuds
  • US$500K: 2 different colour cases
  • US$1M: Surprise feature!

The estimated delivery date for the first product run is October 2015.

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