Is Slated The Film Industry’s Moneyball?


The global film industry is growing at a tremendous pace. International box office revenues reached $38 billion in 2014, and are estimated to grow by another $8 billion over the next three years. Given how lucrative a market film has become, it’s no wonder a growing number of investors are being attracted to it.

As with any market of its size though, efficiency is badly lacking. Tying in both investors, and talent with promising projects has become increasingly more of a challenge given the nature of the field.

Slated, a startup based in Los Angeles, and led by CEO Stephan Paternot is looking to bring it all together.

Termed an ‘AngelList for the film industry’, the company looks to promote interaction between actors, sales agents, investors, producers, and other industry officials. As the firm notes on its website “Slated is designed to facilitate high-value introductions between financiers, film projects, and the professional film industry”.

For parties looking to invest in promising film projects, Slated will request your general interests along with other details, and use its algorithm to identify projects in line with the aforementioned criteria. Whether the investor is funding a project for commercial gain, or for a cause-based initiative, the site will work to identify the best fit.

On the flip-side, the platform affords filmmakers valuable access to capital, a diverse talent pool for the project itself, along with networking potential across the global movie market.

Launched in 2012, the firm has been successful in raising roughly $6 million, including a recent round of $2.7 million last year.

Recently it launched its script and financial analysis tools. Aptly likened to the Brad Pitt blockbuster ‘Moneyball’, the features use statistics, including a significant degree of crowfunding and professional reviewing/scoring of screenplays to estimate the potential any one film has at succeeding in the market. Through the system, productions are scored on several different criteria, including script analysis, and are allocated an overall score.

(Image via Slated)

(Image via Slated)

Investors will be able to look over both quantitative, and qualitative reviews of the films in order to get a well rounded understanding of the rationale behind every ranking, easing their own decision making process when it comes to which project they throw their money behind.

Slated is an attempt to reign in what appears from an outside point of view to be an incredibly expansive, and inefficient industry. Whether or not it’ll ultimately succeed in its goal is yet to be seen, however the firm offers a new a new approach to tackling a longstanding headache for both investors and filmmakers.

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