The Death Of The Office – Why Coworking Is Here To Stay

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Forget 9 to 5. Forget a boss you have to appease, a monthly wage you have to battle for, contracts, climbing the greasy pole for promotion. Fear of being fired. Fear. Forget your desk, your commuting. Forget the way we were. In less than five years you will probably work for yourself. In less than five years, work will no longer mean the yoke of a wage slave. You will work for you. There will be no “offices” as we know them. You will work for yourself in a shared space. How you want to and where you want to. You will be part of a working revolution….

  • By 2020, over half of all full-time workers in the US and Europe will be freelance
  • Co-working spaces have sprung up across the States to cater for this new office-less generation
  • Europe is only just catching up, with Italian-founded Talent Garden today announcing that it is the continent’s first ever network of co-working spaces to receive VC funding

MILAN, 9th April 2015 – By 2020, half the workers of Europe and the US will be self-employed. And that is just the start of it. There will be no “offices” as we know them. No teeming hoardes of commuters to corporate hubs. In less than five years one of the biggest revolutions of C21st lifestyle will be well underway.

More opportunities for cloud-based working, the rise of the digital economy, and a collective desire to take control of our work-life balance have all been cited as contributing factors to the growth of the freelance phenomenon. Economies now have to adapt to this new army of workers – who will soon be the majority – by investing in co-working spaces.

In the US, co-working spaces have increased from just one recorded space in 2005 to 781 in 2013, a 2014 report by Cornell University found. With the rise of the sharing economy, 60% of existing US co-working offices will acquire new space for their members this year, DeskMag forecasts. And where growth occurs, money soon follows. US investors are taking note, with co-working space WeWork, for example, recently raising over $300 million dollars, with a valuation numbering into the billions.

Despite experiencing the same rate of growth in self-employment, Europe has been slower to follow suit when it comes to accommodating these workers. Today, the tide is finally changing, with Talent Garden – Europe’s fastest growing co-working network for digital, technology and creative professionals – announcing a €1million investment from Digital Magics, Italy’s most prestigious incubator. The investment will allow Talent Garden to accelerate its growth to 50 campuses by 2018.

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Davide Dattoli, co-founder and CEO at Talent Garden, commented:

“After three years of working on the concept for Talent Garden, today we’re thrilled to host over 500 digital and creative professionals, and 100 startups and companies.

“Co-working is still often perceived as an office rent-a-space business, but it is much, much more than that – effective co-working is about fostering innovation, embracing diversity, and harnessing the creative potential that is the lifeblood of the start-up community. Corporates recognise the value in this for their own R&D practices, and we are already connecting leading technology partners such as IBM, Cisco, Epson and Microsoft with our members.

“On average, Talent Garden co-workers spend over 10 hours a day at work, which is even more time than they spend at home. To stay creative and productive, people need daily stimulus. The positive influence of the natural world on health, well being and mindfulness is backed up by a whole wealth of research, and we have carefully incorporated this into our spaces. We use natural substances such as soft, living moss, birch trees and Japanese paper in our campuses to bring the outdoors, indoors.

“Meanwhile, our business model capitalises on the new sharing economy. We rent rather than buy our campuses, making use of spaces that would otherwise be empty, and we are able to pass the savings down to our members.

“We are delighted to have received investment from Digital Magics, and we will be using the funds to export our model to further locations across Europe and Africa”.

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