From Slum to Style: Lallitara’s Push For Sustainable Fashion

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Companies everywhere now are picking up more sustainable practices to help make a bit of a difference in the world. But Boston-based Lallitara has sustainability in its blood. Every aspect of this company is about giving back to and reinvigorating communities in rural India. The up and coming fashion powerhouse stems from a simple idea, transform the traditional Indian sari into fashion that could fit right into American life. The online based retailer now offers a full array of eye-catching styles and designs, all the while transforming lives back in India.

All of Lallitara’s fabrics come from Indian recycling communities. These materials already have huge personality and style to them even before they go through Lallitara’s workshops. Sourcing responsibility from these communities allows the company to pay the local people doing the recycling work good wages, opening up opportunities for villages to begin developing further, and sustainably.

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Lallitara’s efforts towards responsible labor don’t stop there. All of the retailers’ products are made “sweatshop-free” in Lawrence, MA, just outside of Boston. The company takes great pride in creating American jobs and shows off the behind-the-scenes of their manufacturing facilities on their website.

Furthermore, for every product sold, Lallitara donates 5-10% of every sale back to the communities they source from. Working with organizations like SAATH, Lallitara is making a huge difference in Indian communities. Through their efforts in impoverished areas of India, SAATH is rebuilding villages and lives by running “programs in various sectors which include Livelihoods, Health and Education, Governance, Human Rights, Affordable Housing, Rehabilitation and Resettlement and Microfinance”.

The company was founded five years ago by Bijal Shah. Shah was in India as a Clinton Fellow and began working with SAATH in their slum development efforts. The work in these environments opened her eyes to men and women going door to door buying used, but practically new saris. So inspired by what she saw, Shah came back to the states with a vision for Lallitara and a mission to help change lives.

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Today Lallitara is a growing online business with 6 different product lines. They offer tank tops, ties, and handbags all made from the recycled sari fabric. Check out Lallitara’s website here and support sustainable business and the betterment of people’s lives everywhere.

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