How Quistic Is Advancing Entrepreneurship

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The world of business today is full of insight. Innovators, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and bloggers are full of new self-help products, books and apps that surface on a near daily basis. A great deal of this content is based on the personal experience of the author, or, built upon the foundations of other innovators.

Then there is Quistic, Penelope Trunk’s newest startup. If you haven’t heard of Penelope Trunk, you should take a look at her now. She has a great blog and has launched several startups before this one. Not only that, she’s been named “the world’s most influential career coach,” by Inc. Magazine. She announced the site’s initial launch on October 25th, 2013 on her website.

In addition to the announcement she relayed her fears, hopes and aspirations for the site itself. I would consider it a must read for any would-be or current entrepreneur. These days you hear little but the same pep-talk style, aggressive approach for ruthlessly seeking success. Penelope brings the human element, highlighting her fears, faults and even the mistakes she’s made along the way.

Quistic, as an online learning platform, is both the same as the current trend in business insight and development while also being quite different. The website itself offers courses for personal and professional development as described by the individual, as opposed to the sponsoring organization or author of. Another intrinsic difference is, the website not only offers courses to become a startup and assist in pitching ideas, but, there are also courses available for those who prefer a more structured, 9am to 5pm job. The aim is to promote both a worthwhile and satisfying career as well as assist others in developing themselves on a personal level. Each course is different and the costs associated also vary. Currently the offered courses run from $150 to a current maximum of $350.

A drastic difference that sets Quistic apart from current trends is the capability of its members to customize their own course. This adds a social element, which is definitely one of Penelope Trunk’s highest desires. She is often quoted saying she wants “learning to feel more like a party and less like a lecture.”

In any case, Quistic earned quite a bit of success in the early test phase with Trunk reportedly saying they had “made $80,000” with the first course.

Once again I highlight that time will tell, as it always does. Still, when you consider that Penelope has already launched four other successful startups it does make one pause. Even more weight is added when you consider that her insight has been featured in over 200 newspapers. There is a great deal to be said about those things that force us to involve ourselves and make us think.

For me, that is the only way I’m ever willing to take coaching and direction. I look forward to more success from Penelope Trunk.

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