Make School Leading Tech Education Initiative


The American way of education is failing hard. A cursory search through Google, or Yahoo News will give you the statistics. Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math related fields of study are at an all-time low. Thousands, if not millions, of jobs go unfilled each year. Companies are forced to put projects on hold, increasing the workload on the currently employed population. All the while, the next generation of Americans divests from education as the costs soar and the benefits diminish.

Make School has announced that it will rise to this occasion. Like other education startups, Make School has come at a time when the youth of the United States have been given the short end of the stick. Unlike other edu-tech startups, Make School brings the classroom feel back to learning, and keeps the focus on startup founders and developers. Their scheme; a debt free college experience that will leave their students prepared and experienced for the world of tomorrow.

Make School first made an appearance in the startup world in March of 2012. According to AngelList, the startup was able to procure a grand total of over $1.3 million in investment capital, from over 10 investors. The total valuation of such is reported at over $7 million.

The Make School program spans a total of two years with a six month internship at a tech startup in between. In addition to traditional coursework, Make School offers the chance to network with current tech and startup professionals, as well as an opportunity to present a fresh startup idea to Y Combinator for further development. The aim is to create young professionals who are prepared, and experienced enough, to hit the ground running in today’s competitive markets.

With the explosion of the app market and the continued growth of online services, there is no question that MakeSchool stands to make an impact on the next American generation. Skills, networking, experience, and, team oriented project building are all applicable in today’s job market.

Will it work though?

By providing a debt free approach, Make School and other education startups are hoping to attract driven, self-realized youths who are bent on success and creation.

What then can be done to help those less motivated? Should we even worry about them? Are they just the consumers of the future?

Whatever the answers to these questions may be, one thing is for certain; there are options. At least with options an individual has a choice. It is the ability to make these kinds of choices that motivate all of us, in one fashion or another, to try and do better. One can only hope that the next generation makes the choice to do better, against all odds, and take the path these options present.

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