5 Tips For Starting Your Own Business

(Image via Alejandro Escamilla)

(Image via Alejandro Escamilla)

Starting a business is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Given the substantial investment of both time, and money most put into their ventures, there are a few quick tips which go a long way in providing a sound framework, and path to growing that idea into a running operation.

We’ve selected five words of advice for up and coming entrepreneurs which will set them on the right track to success.

1. Find The Customer First

One of the greatest misconceptions that small business owners have is that the merit of their product/service alone is enough to drive growth. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Before launching a startup, it’s vital that the company’s founder makes the most out of market research opportunities. Does the business really offer a solution to a major problem consumers have, or is it just an innovative idea which most will view as an unnecessary luxury?

Building a business around an idea which hasn’t been tested through customer feedback only increases the potential for failure. That’s why once the initial concept has been solidified, finding the market for it comes next.

2. The Business Plan Is Your Roadmap

Business plans should be looked at as a roadmap, much more than simply as a document put together out of necessity to please potential investors. Startups are unique, and so should their business plans be.

Many times, entrepreneurs might find that generic plans don’t fit their product or service. This is as much an opportunity as it is a challenge though, as it provides the founder the chance to develop their own business model, tailor made for the idea they want to introduce to the world.

3. Brand Image Is Everything

Especially for a young business, effectively developing a brand name, and positive reputation could be the difference between survival, and extinction.

Before companies receive funding, or develop a large consumer base, they have an image to tend to. In fact, a professional image will usually bring in the former two components of a successful startup.

4. Build The Right Team

Given the fact that most new businesses run on a very tight budget, the staff choices an owner makes will likely be few but consequential.

Putting together the right team allows a company to rapidly increase its pace of growth, and provides a sound support framework, and feedback outlet for the firm’s senior managers to work with.

Finding individuals who embrace the business’s direction, and image is key to spurring growth, especially in the first few months.

5. Don’t Stop Networking

It can be easy to fall into the trap of overly devoting one’s self to a business, and progressively getting closed off from the outside world. After all, startups need constant monitoring, and the demands are heavy enough that business networking might not be the first thing on a owner’s mind.

Having said that, being in constant touch with the broader professional community is helpful in a number of ways. From pitching ideas, to procuring funding, and learning what’s new in the market, connecting with others has a value which shouldn’t be overlooked.


  1. Oh yes, Market research.. Maybe the hardest part if you don’t allocated amount of money for a professional one. But if it’s done correctly it serves you through the whole journey. From finding competition, allies, cutomers through posting on social media and advertising.
    Thanks for sharing


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