Spring: A New Mobile Shopping Experience


Shopping for clothes on your mobile device can be somewhat of a hassle. The hassle can only become compounded when you’re shopping for a certain, small brand that doesn’t have much of an app or mobile compatible web service. Trying to get a good look at what you want just doesn’t work out. This is where Spring comes in.

Spring is a mobile shopping platform that allows users of its app to shop for clothes and other apparel. The experience has been designed specifically for the mobile user in mind and also features Apple Pay, allowing each shopper access to their financial credentials for an easy to use, one click/swipe purchase. A very convenient way to save time and reduce stress without the constant need to input your debit or credit card information.

The app provides services not unlike most e-commerce websites, such as Amazon. A shopper can purchase and track their packages and even receive recommendations or alerts about new products from their favorite brands. In addition, the app allows the brand to display their current inventory for the products. As an added bonus, Spring has been able to feature many small brands that utilize the service as their only access point.

The startup was founded in March of 2013 out of New York City, New York by Alan Tisch, David Tisch, Octavian Costache and Ara Katz. Though currently available only for the iPhone platform, the team at Spring are currently developing the app for iPad and Android users as well. According to Crunchbase the company has been able to procure a grand total of $7.5 million in investment capital. The Series A investment round closed on July 9, 2014 with eight total investors, including Google Ventures and BoxGroup, the latter of which David Tisch has had a hand in developing.

With so many e-commerce options out there it is a wonder why there isn’t more of a focus on the mobile user experience. Even the major outlets like Newegg and Amazon have their usability issues. Spring provides an outlet that is both stress-free, intuitive, and, beautiful. It’ll be interesting to see how other clothing and apparel franchises react, and, if the Spring service itself gains much in terms of popularity and headway. With New York City being one of the world’s major fashion centers it isn’t going to take long to find out.

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