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Most Promising Startup Cities in Emerging Markets

(Article by Lamudi) Berlin has risen to become one of the new startup capitals of the world, and is a fierce competitor of Silicon Valley or London. However, the success of new…

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Startup Capitals: San Francisco vs. Berlin

Article courtesy of Lamudi After comparing London with Berlin, global real estate portal Lamudi wonders: what are the advantages of Berlin over San Francisco, the start-up Mecca? Even if the Bay Area…

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Startup Capitals: London vs. Berlin

Article courtesy of Lamudi Berlin will take over London as Europe’s startup capital within the next five years, according to a new analysis by global real estate portal Lamudi. Berlin, with its…

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A Look Inside Asia’s Startup Boom

Entrepreneurship is booming in Asia. Successful startups are emerging from all over the region. With energetic young populations and massive markets that are getting bigger by the day, it is no wonder.…

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The Top 5 Funded Startups In Southeast Asia

Whilst Silicon Valley (and the US in general) tends to generate most of the headlines when it comes to startup ventures and entrepreneurship, Asian startups have been attracting increasing attention. That’s no…

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The Startup World Gets A Rating System

One of the main difficulties facing potential investors in startups is that the ecosystem’s decentralized nature, along with the potential for growth most new businesses possess (especially those offering services online) makes accurate…

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High Times: 3 Cannabis Startups To Watch

It’s becoming abundantly clear that the cannabis market is growing at a furious pace. According to reports, legal marijuana is now the fastest growing industry in the United States, with a total…

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How to Run a Kick-Butt Kickstarter Campaign

Since Kickstarter launched just over five years ago, investors have pledged more than $1 billion dollars to help fund the thousands of creative projects featured on the crowdfunding platform. While these projects…

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Startup Grind Tehran

A Look Into Iran’s Growing Startup Ecosystem

What goes into building a startup ecosystem? Easy access to capital, an active community of angel investors, an educated talent pool? Those are all part of the formula, and each plays an…

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China’s Push To Develop Startup Hubs

With its share of the global economy growing at a steady pace, China is poised to delve further into new industries in the coming years. As recently as last week, with the…

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