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A Revolution in Work Freedom – Becoming a Digital Nomad

A Revolution in Work Freedom – becoming a digital nomad: Interview with Jacob Laukaitis Digital Nomadism is the new lifestyle with an adventurous attitude to the way of working, empowered by technology…

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Roulier Family in Valpo

How Keteka Is Giving Travel a New Look

Getting in touch with your surroundings is an important part of any trip abroad. While some travelers might opt for the all-inclusive resort, a growing number of adventurous consumers are looking to…

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How HireAHelper Is Disrupting Moving

Moving can be a grueling process. As much as we might not enjoy it though, it’s something most of us will do all too often. In fact, in the US alone 33% of…

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Are These Asia’s Top 3 Travel Startups?

Asia represents a massive market for travel operators. With a growing middle class and availability of low cost airfares, tourist travel within Asia has grown significantly over the past decade. This has…

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Carl Goes, The City Guide For Urban Nomads

Few objects are more part of the tourist experience than the travel guide. Apart from serving as a lifeline for individuals travelling to new destinations, it’s always been a relatively straightforward experience. This…

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Why Skiplagged Has United Airlines Running Scared

If there was ever a case study for disruptive innovation, this is it. Skiplagged, a tiny travel startup run by 22 year old entrepreneur Aktarer Zaman has been on the front page…

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Taxi Wars. Why Uber Has A Fight On Its Hands

Few new entrants to a market can attest to having a more disruptive nature than Uber. To its credit, the ride-share network has succeeded in realizing potential that most startups can only dream…

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