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Crowdfunding For Books? FicShelf’s New Idea

As is becoming ever more common across various markets, crowdfunding platforms are continuing to be on the rise. For an industry which is expected to be worth up to $100 billion by…

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6 Free Stock Photo Sites You Should Check Out

The early stages of running a business usually entail a lack of funds, especially for investing in non-priority fields such as imagery, and website design. Luckily, whether for the up-start entrepreneur, or…

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RocketLinks Is Making SEO Easier Than Ever

Building an online presence as a blogger is more important than ever. Due to both the competition in the market, along with the increasing role SEO plays in the development of any writing…

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How ‘Occupy The Bookstore’ Is Disrupting The Industry

Disruptive innovation is a topic which we’ve covered in the past. However, given the depths of the issue, along with the range of industries it applies to, it’s vital to be able to…

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Oyster. A Bookworm’s Paradise.

  Reading is a nice habit to have. When I was younger I kind of took it more as advice both my parents, and teachers would try to drill into my head,…

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The Mighty. Real Heroes.

We all have challenges in life. No matter how big or small, there’s always a guarantee that at some point we’ll face hardships, and have to overcome them. Some of us though are more…

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Cont3nt. Be the News.

When D.C. comes to mind, most people choose to think of the federal government, lobbyists, NGO’s, and mediocre sports franchises. In spite of the perception most might have though, the nation’s capital is…

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