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5 Startups That Let You Play Millionaire

Cars, yachts, and clothes; everyone wants the millionaire lifestyle. But if you’re still out there balling on a budget, an emerging field of luxury startups are helping the wannabe millionaire play one…

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Five Startup Safary Events You Can’t Miss

When it comes to Berlin’s top business summits, Startup Safary can’t be left off the list. We’ve covered the three day convention before, and in anticipation of the current installment in the German…

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Catapult Is Helping Athletes Smash The Competition

In recent years there has been a growing trend towards the development and use of wearable technology. An Australian company – Catapult Sports – has tapped into this movement by packaging the…

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Beautified Keeps Your Salon One Click Away

There’s no question as to whether or not apps are useful. In the modern world apps are not only useful but have become an essential part of life. Simply take a look…

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How Rise Art Changed The Art Dealing Game

Buying art is difficult. The nightmare of spending thousands of dollars on a piece and finding that it doesn’t nearly go with the look of a room is cringeworthy. Thankfully, London-based startup…

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Three Startups Looking To Become ‘The Instagram Of Music’

Creating a successful music centered social network, or even social media platform might as well be the holy grail of the startup world. So far, the concept, which admittedly is a attractive…

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