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PeerShip Is The ‘Uber For Delivery’

Take a moment to imagine what mobile devices have done for us as a society. At any time, each and every one person with a device is continuously connected to their entire…

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How Knozen Is Bringing Personality To The Internet – Startup Hook

We here at Startup Hook recently had the privilege of speaking to the founder and CEO of the new social game Knozen, Marc Cenedella. Personally, I found the man to be genuine,…

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Zola Is Bringing Tech To The Wedding Industry

If you’ve ever been married, or are planning on getting married, you know what kind of glorious torture you’re in for. Booking the venues, scheduling the dinner parties, registering for gifts, sending…

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Lively and The Changing Face Of Senior Care

“Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” A popular trope on mainstream television. If you’re an average citizen of the United States, you’ve probably seen the commercials. However, this situation, and…

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The Business Of Pleasure: Crave’s Story

Sex toys. They’re a part of industry and business as much as any other niche. As awkward as these items are with the bashful, room has been made for the current innovation…

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