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We here at Startup Hook recently had the privilege of speaking to the founder and CEO of the new social game Knozen, Marc Cenedella. Personally, I found the man to be genuine, witty and very patient. As well as having an eye on how to make something both positively engaging and fun for users of all ages.

For those of you out of the loop, Knozen is a mobile game that allows users to rate other users, mostly people they know, with concepts of personality. These concepts range from assertiveness, patience, skepticism, even outgoingness. Then there are the fun concepts thrown into the mix. For example, if you were to pull up their website, and check out the About section, you’d see that the founder, Marc Cenedella himself, has been voted most likely to know how to swallow swords. Odd that he seemed extremely softly spoken for a CEO.

In my brief interview with the man, I was able to really understand the direction he wanted to go, and I honestly thought he was on to something.

Marc, again I appreciate you talking with us at, I do have to ask though, what does Knozen mean? Is that Know-Zen or?

“Actually that just happened to become the name of our game. It started in the office as Know a Dozen and then we shortened it from there.”

That’s actually funny. So how does this social game work? Is it something like Tinder?

“Acutally there isn’t really any swiping. What we’re trying to do is get our friends to tell us who they think we are. This is gauged by an assortment of questions such as, who is more organized? Who is most likely to buy coffee at Starbucks? That kind of thing.”

That’s very interesting. What’s your overall goal for Knozen then? What’s it’s purpose?

“Well we wanted to create something that would teach us about ourselves and others. To see what we’re really like, what other people think of us. This process makes the results more real, because you’re getting this information from people that know you.”


Do you have any interest in monetizing? Are you even planning on making money from the results?

“You know, making money is something that is a far way out. Right now we’re just trying to create a good view for the product. It is possible that in the future, the information gleaned from this game could be used by big data or job search firms or even H/R departments. Again, that’s a ways out.”

So far I see that the game is only available on Apple, are you looking at expanding?

“Of course. For us, iDevices were the first logical choice just considering the market we were breaching. However, the game will definitely be coming soon to the Android market.”

One last question before we go, how is your growth? Are you getting more and more users?

“Actually growth has been amazing and we’re growing every day. Back in 2014 we were getting around one thousand users a day. As of March, 2015 we’re up to about forty thousand users per day. We’re not too worried about the product becoming popular.”

Wow, that kind of exponential growth is impressive.

“We’ve seen some very good success.”

Social games are becoming more and more popular. Knozen is one of the first to really establish any kind of meaning. Instead of something akin to Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, you have a developing database of opinions and experience with each individual. Such information will be worth something to someone in the future. If it isn’t already.

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