Craftsy – Knit, Sew and Bake Merry!


Have you ever hoped for a one-stop destination where you could get not just the basics, but also buy supplies and learn a bit of the advanced side of your particular brand of creative genius? Then look no further, Craftsy is that one stop.

Craftsy is a network that provides education, supplies and networking opportunities for the crafter within you. The Denver based startup, launched in May of 2010, was created with the aim of bringing a more refined approach to online learning. To date, according to Crunchbase, Craftsy has amassed a solid $106 million in total capital with a whopping $50 million gained on their Series D, which closed on November of 2014.


The online courses provided by Craftsy are broad and range from knitting and sewing to cooking and even photography. Each subject is taught through a high definition video course that can be streamed on your personal computer, iPhone or iPad device. The courses are designed to be easy-to-follow and can be accessed at any time. The service even allows you to bookmark your favorite techniques for easy lookup at a later time.

In addition to their online courses, Craftsy also offers a place for people to purchase supplies for your project. Yarn, fabric and even tools and books can all be bought from the Craftsy marketplace. The website allows those who are inclined to sew and knit the opportunity to sell their patterns to others for a little extra cash. Craftsy even offers its users a chance to network with other crafters and communicate with experts to share techniques and get advice on their own projects.


This century definitely seems to be the century for the Do It Yourselfer. Home improvement and wellness enterprises are becoming increasingly more popular. Taking that popularity and applying the theme to the at home crafter is just another logical step toward empowering the individual further. The online courses alone stand to add a bit of flair to any project you might think up. With the amalgamation of services provided by Craftsy in total, your entire life can be given one incredible make over. So get out there and craft.

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