5 Of The Funniest Startup Videos


Connecting with your audience as a startup can be difficult. Sure, social media helps get the message across, but nothing works better than a funny advertising video showcasing your product or service.

We’ve selected a few of our favorites, and will let you be the judge of which is the best.

1. Dogecoin

Such coin. Much profit. So doge. Wow.

Ok, we’ve been looking for a way to work that phrase into Startup Hook for some time now. The point remains though, the ad is awesome, and definitely stokes interest in a brand. The video was released in 2014, at a time when Dogecoin was on the rise, and goes to show that cryptocurrencies can innovate beyond just their primary role.

2. Dollar Shave Club

What can you say, their blades are “f-ing great”. The startup, founded in 2011 has made a stir in the razor market, and given this video it’s no wonder why. Their basic blade does actually go for $1, and the company has also introduced two further options.

3. Einhorn Condoms

This German startup used comical advertising for their new line of condoms. They market their brand as an alternative to the sometimes embarrassing process of shopping for condoms in a convenience store, and also offer a cheaper alternative than the local market price. Furthermore, 50% of the company’s profits are invested into non-profit initiatives like youth sexual education.

4. WellDeserved

“Our business plan is that VC’s will just give us money, because this is San Francisco and we have an idea”.

That basically sums up the gist of WellDeserved’s first ad. The mock startup, building a ‘marketplace for privilege’ (essentially a place where employees at tech firms can cash-in on their corporate perks, along with other ones) released the video in March, and it promptly made the rounds across the internet, including TechCrunch.

5. Bebo

Bebo is back. The chat app, which was sold to AOL in 2008, then bought back by its original owners produced video last year. It features some of the, shall we say…most impressive illustrations its users have managed to create during their time on the platform.

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