Will OnePlus One Really Become a ‘Flagship Killer’?

(Image via Mashable)

(Image via Mashable)

OnePlus One, a tech startup currently fielding its smartphone called “the One” also dubbed, the “Flagship Killer”, stands poised to bring back into a market one thing that has been missing since the conception of the assembly line: uniqueness.

Right from the get-go, the small China based firm says, with a simple yet bold website layout, that they are not looking at going global. They say that their business model is different, that they only grow by word of mouth. I only know of the product through that very word of mouth model, from a friend of a friend.

Indeed, such a move is unprecedented in the current market. Still, word of mouth or not, the small firm has been reported in many major publications including the Wall Street Journal, Gizmodo, and, even Time magazine. These publications highlight the simplicity of the tech startup’s aims, the undeniable quality of their device, and talk of a return of a sense of wholesomeness.

I find something different in the works here, something that has the potential to truly change the face of the current tech market. As said before that something is uniqueness.

Take a moment and think of the populated areas around you: parks, offices, grocery stores, coffee bars, wherever people meet in large numbers. What do you notice?

Well, one thing I see is an abundance of a very tight variety of products. Someone, perhaps everyone, is holding iPhones, iPads, Google Phones or Blackberries. I find it a little disconcerting. Hundreds of thousands of users all with the same device. Sure, they all may have different apps, or cases in one such fashion or another. And there are upgrades so some phones are more powerful than others. Still, I feel almost like a cat with a never ending supply of the same kind of cat food.

OnePlus One stands to change this. Consider just how valuable a unique thing is in a world full of commercialism. In that regard, one might conclude that the “Flagship Killer”, with its’ limited supply of manufactured pieces, might be a literal work of art.

What if you had access to a powerful device that, truly, only a few others had. I, for one, would be ecstatic. The geek within me is bursting with visions of holding this unique, magical sword, and with it, I can hold back the swollen tides of iZombies and win through to victory.

That is precisely the potential this little startup has. It can offer a limited group of elites a piece of tech that has been intimately designed and masterfully created by a small firm that, at its very core, is bent on giving that personal, unique touch to its users.

(Image via  Knowyourmobile)

(Image via Knowyourmobile)

Will it succeed?

If so, what does this mean for the market?

Only time will tell. Regardless of the firm’s growing popularity, having to contend with powerhouses such as Apple and Samsung is no easy feat. With a word of mouth model, making the business stable in spite of being less profitable, while still maintaining a grasp on consumer affordability is looking to be quite a challenge.

Still, with startups such as Uber and Ello breaking away from the status quo and gaining popularity in their own right. It seems the market, or at least great portions thereof, is looking for exactly the kind of products and services startups such as OnePlus One offer. I, for one, am very excited to see what the future brings for this little startup.

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