Revolar And The Growth Of Personal Safety Devices


Imagine this, you’re in your twenties, nice new job, great education, and a will to succeed. You get out there, live your life a little. One night, at some nice party or club, you get a little bit too tipsy, and decide to head out. You leave your group of friends with much well-wishing and depart for home. The streets are busy, the taxi’s care not for your late nights. You decide to hoof it. It’s only thirteen blocks, surely you can make it right? You’re not that out of shape yet.

So you brave the dark streets alone. The flicker of unmaintained streetlights gives an ominous light to your path. Behind you the click, clack clatter of footfalls weaves the same sidewalk you stand upon. The darkness encroaches as that last nightcap drowns out your logic. You are drunk, you are alone, and someone is following you. You can feel them coming up behind you. The steps closer and closer. What do you do?

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Most people might run, reach for their phone or pull a weapon. According to Revolar, a new startup focused on personal security, these actions will only escalate an already heightened situation. Claiming that de-escalation and a cool head will prevail in heated situations, Revolar has developed a first. Their wearable device, easily hidden from view, will allow you to notify all of your emergency contacts and send them location information in the event of any situation that might need such.

This works for much more than situations of possible violence as well. Anyone can use a Revolar device. Older individuals can maintain a sense of independence and use the Revolar device in the event of a slip or fall, college students can stay safe at those late night parties and the device can even be used in the event of domestic violence. The device can even be programmed to notify local police personnel as a choice. A choice Revolar says will empower it’s users as opposed to hinder them.

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The device links to your smartphone via the Revolar app and works in conjunction with the normal functions therein. So there is no need to pull out your phone, unless you trigger the device by accident. In which case, simply access the smartphone app and you are able to send out an “all clear” message to anyone on your contact list. Easy, convenient and intelligent.

Revolar was founded in 2013 by Jacqueline Ros as an idea for a “magic button” for safety. The project has thus gathered an admirable team and is currently being advised by the Rocky Mountain Innosphere. The company opened their Kickstarter campaign on March, 24, 2015 which officially opened the pre-order stage of their product.

Many have already followed the startup across social media and the word is, people are very interested. With an aim at pure crowdfunding though, it will be interesting to follow the evolution of Revolar and monitor their success.

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