PeerShip Is The ‘Uber For Delivery’


Take a moment to imagine what mobile devices have done for us as a society. At any time, each and every one person with a device is continuously connected to their entire network of family, friends and colleagues. One can exchange nearly limitless amounts of data with the flick of a finger.

Now take a look at the applications mobile devices have had on business and the developing markets therein. Each article written here on Startup Hook is a profile of innovation and experimentation the world has had the privilege to witness. Logistics, technology, even household goods are all being expanded upon and refined. Social media is allowing us to connect to each other in ways that were previously unimagined.

PeerShip is no different.

Imagine any ordinary day. You get home from work or from an after work get together, you’re tired, and, perhaps morose and lamenting the coming morning. You realize you’re missing something. Anything. A bottle of Advil for your coming hangover, your jacket you  left hanging conveniently on the stand at your friend’s house, perhaps your wallet at a restaurant. What do you do?

In any normal situation, depending on the grievous nature of the missing item, you either A) get redressed, strap on your shoes and retrieve your item, or, B) do nothing, and wait for a time when you will be closer to your lost treasure.

PeerShip has come as a light in that darkness of inconvenience. With the PeerShip app, you’ll be able to take a snapshot of your missing item, name a price for delivery, and a fellow PeerShipper in the area will retrieve and deliver that item to your doorstep. It’s that simple.

You need that jacket from your friend’s house? You can get it. Don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed to get that Advil? No problem, a PeerShipper close to your local CVS will pick that up for you. Just name your price, someone will grab it, and get it to you.


Need a little extra cash? Well, there’s an alert on your PeerShip app and, as luck would have it, someone needs some Advil, and you’re right next to the local Wal-Mart. Said someone is right on your way to wherever you’re going. It’s like Uber, but for delivery of goods instead of people.

As of now, the small California startup has launched on its own feet. According to Crunchbase, there has yet to be any capital dedicated to the venture. Still, that hasn’t stopped founder Michael Choueiri from blazing ahead. A true startup venture from the bootstraps on up.

With collaborative methods becoming a growing trend in the world of today, there is a great deal of potential for this small startup to make big ripples in the world of business. Though there are a few concerns, such as insurance and security, if the app and the service can gain enough popularity, there will be less of a need to worry. We here at will be keeping a close eye on PeerShip. If only to ensure we can get our junk food without having to leave the house.

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