NextJuggernaut: Building The Sharing Economy


Reading startup related news these days means that more likely than not, you’ll hear about the “Uber for ‘x'”, meaning the next great disruptive innovation to hit the market. Given the rate of creation, new mobile apps are altering the services field, previously stagnant industries are opening to new ideas at an impressive pace.

For every promising push in mobile technology though, effective support systems enabling ideas to be put into action are vital. This is where NextJuggernaut comes in.

The firm creates customizable mobile apps for entrepreneurs across various fields, and has already been active in supporting numerous successful ventures.

The Concept

Through its platform, clients can take advantage of a wide range customization features offering a personal touch for newly developed apps. The company looks to capitalize on what it sees as a trend towards a more direct connection between companies and clients, and offers app platforms tending to that market shift. As it notes, “the trend started with Uber and other startups disrupting the existing taxi companies by implementing a much more convenient way of hailing taxis. The same model is being translated into many other verticals as the users are being given the power to summon anything from food to marijuana to plumbers to personal stylists at their doorsteps”.

Effectively, the company was created as a reaction to what its founder, Samar Singla saw as a lack of tech partners for firms looking to be active in the sharing economy. As startups in this field have relatively similar business models, even when offering substantially different services, NextJuggernaut was able to apply its expertise to an expansive range of new businesses.

Success Stories

The company hasn’t been short on clients either. In fact, they’ve already provided the technical know-how for a number of app based startups.

MiniLuxe: Referred to as the ‘Starbucks of nail salons’, the venture recently received $23 million in venture capital funding to expand its nail services throughout the New England region of the United States.

BiteKite: This Boston based startup provides is an on-demand food delivery service in which users can select meals through daily menu’s, and have them sent to their home in just a few minutes.

Jugnoo: Think of it as a Lyft for rickshaws. The Indian startup allows its users to call rides in real time via mobile app. While limited in its current circulation, the service soon to expand across India.

NextJuggernaut manages to capitalize on the straightforward nature of mobile businesses in the sharing economy. Their flexibility through industries allows the company to provide effective solutions for a wide scope of businesses. The adaptive nature of the company is likely its strongest competitive advantage.

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