Lively and The Changing Face Of Senior Care


“Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” A popular trope on mainstream television. If you’re an average citizen of the United States, you’ve probably seen the commercials. However, this situation, and others like it, is far more serious than the dry media might lead you to believe. In an era where an entire generation, the Baby Boomers, are now living in their golden years, a war rages between the balance of independence and safety.

As we age we become weaker and any accident becomes more severe. This is science, no amount of ego or intense training will stop that. Eventually, every individual is going to come face to face with their choice. Will you live on at home or enroll in some kind of care facility? What may be worse, will you have to live with your children so they might take care of you? To some in the Baby Boomer generation, such a choice is a harrowing thought, with the generational tropes being hard work, independence and the American dream. Having to burden your offspring is seen as more of a nightmare.

In any case, each choice has its benefits and consequences. Lively, (seen as Live!y), has come up with a solution to help those in their golden years live independently and with a sense of confidence. The small San Francisco based startup first launched in September of 2012. With an initial seed investment of $2.6 million, Lively has been able to earn over $7.3 million (USD) in total capital. Recently, they have appeared across many major news networks with their in-home emergency response system.

However, in-home emergency response is not just what Lively brings to the table. Their product offers a comprehensive package that sets it apart from other service providers in the same market. In addition to the emergency response feature, their system also tracks medication routines, has a pedometer feature, tracks dietary habits and can even be configured for other routines such as bathing or even sleeping. Soon Lively even hopes to offer a direct link to smart devices as well as fall or accident sensors throughout the home.

The initial services alone stand to liberate an entire generation of people from the fear of dependence and has already gained traction in both the medical and insurance industries. With such a liberal gain in capital the potential for Lively to rise and succeed is not just high, but very high. In addition, with healthcare being a major issue discussed across the entire nation, Lively is poised to launch at the right time, at the right place, with all right assets.

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