Law Goes Tech: Legal Startups Changing The Game


Given the recent wave of tech innovation,  one might be forgiven for assuming there weren’t any industries left to disrupt. Oddly enough, a few lines of work have been left almost entirely out of the digital age. One of the most striking examples is undoubtedly law.

While it might be a while before we can make our opening statements at a trial via mobile app, there are a number of startups looking to disrupt the legal industry. We’ve selected a few standouts, and explain what sets them apart.

1. JuxtaLegal


A newcomer which addresses a serious consumer problem. The platform allows its users to compare and select solicitors for a number of legal specializations including real estate, life (wills, etc.), and family services.

Given the number of solicitors offering their services, namely in urban centers, effectively assessing which one actually offers you the best deal is nearly impossible. If JuxtaLegal manages to gain early traction it has the potential to disrupt a massive market.

The company is looking to launch soon, and is beefing up its outreach efforts across the U.S.

2. Casetext


As a legal professional, wouldn’t it be great to access a database of content and insightful analysis from colleagues around the world? That’s what Casetext looks to do. The 2013 Y-Combinator graduate has created a platform for knowledge exchange as it relates to the world of law. Users can subscribe to specific categories related to their own professional interests, or even contribute their own content.

The company is clear in its goal, stating that “at Casetext, we take a different approach to legal research. Instead of charging to access the law, we’re making it free. And instead of hiring people to annotate our legal database, a growing community of practicing lawyers share insights about the law to demonstrate thought leadership and build their reputation among colleagues”.

3. Fixed


Sometimes practicality takes center stage. Fixed is one of those examples.

Through its mobile app,  the startup serves as a springboard for users looking to fight parking tickets. As a process it’s simple enough. Users just have to post a picture of their parking ticket at which point it’s sent to the company which takes care of the rest.

According to the firm, 50% of tickets are dismissed when challenged, and if the challenge is unsuccessful you won’t be charged. Having been featured on numerous major media outlets ranging from CNN to Business Insider, the venture hasn’t been short of publicity. Given the frequency of parking tickets, it could well have a promising future ahead of it.

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