Why Every Business Should Be Using Zipwhip

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Let’s face it, no one likes talking on the phone today. It’s become a necessary evil. Why not let your customers text you instead?

Seattle-based startup Zipwhip is turning old landline phones into smart cloud-texting servers.

Essentially, Zipwhip describes itself as a “Texting Carrier”. With a monthly subscription, businesses can instantly utilize their already existing business number and have it forwarded straight to their desktop or laptop, allowing immediate response and better customer interaction. No installation, no new equipment, Zipwhip works with all the hardware you already have.

“Short form communication is defining modern culture, and every phone number — wireless or wired — should be able to support the text medium,” CEO John Lauer states on the changing communication environment. “Zipwhip is bridging the gap between wireless users and landline users for what is now the go-to mode of communications for billions of people.”

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The business use for cloud texting is virtually endless. Clients of Zipwhip include restaurants and eateries that allow customers to text in to make reservations or order take-out, radio stations, events, and brands looking to connect more closely with their fans, and all businesses looking just to better streamline how customer questions and concerns are answered. Zipwhip has also started teaming up with local police departments to field non-emergency calls, starting in Middletown, WI, in 2013.

“We recognize the huge community of people that text, especially our tech-savvy customer base, and we’re thrilled that we can finally enable them to text our existing business number to book a table, place an order, or simply ask a general question that can easily be answered in short form,” noted Zipwhip customer Anna Weinberg, owner and operator of the young but critically acclaimed Marlowe restaurant in downtown San Francisco. “This is a no-brainer.”

To further show the limitless possibilities of their services, Zipwhip’s offices proudly display their “Textspresso Machine”. Zipwhip’s engineers went out and bought a high-quality espresso machine and hooked it up to cloud texting. The result now allows their employees to text in their coffee order on the way to the office and have it fully prepared for them upon arrival. Check it out: 

 Since Zipwhip calls the internet it’s home, its cloud texting platform allows businesses to always be synced up and connected with their customers. Zipwhip offers full access to it’s texting service in your browser, on your desktop, or even on your mobile device, allowing fast-paced companies to always be within reach of their customer base.

“People tend to use and recommend tools that are easy to use and avoid tools that are complex,” says Mark Levitt of Strategy Analytics, “That’s why the capability of sending and receiving texts with any existing landline phone number already associated with businesses will be very compelling.”


  1. I see it working well if you’re confirming appointments and reservations, but what other applications does texting customers serve?

    • Hey Graham- we’ve seen customers offer text-message for numerous reasons including text-chat with customer support representatives, virtual hold, shipping notifications, surveys, and a host of other applications. It might be fun to brainstorm more ideas with you- let me know if you’d like to chat offline.

  2. As a Zipwhip partnerp provider at http://www.BusinessTextBox.com we’ve seen a number of other applications.

    One of the most basic is allowing customers to choose their form of communications by simply adding ‘call or text’ wherever the business telephone number is listed. This differentiates the business as a technology innovator and a company that is willing to let customers to make contact the way they prefer rather than dictating the communication channel. A recent HarrisPoll found that 64% of those capable of texting would prefer it as a means to contact a business.

    The great thing about it is that it is both more efficient for the customer but also the business. Some businesses have added ‘you can also text us at this same number’ to their IVR and on-hold messages.

    If your business is making a large number of outbound calls, there is no doubt that customers are responding via text. For many people it’s the norm if they miss a call or if they don’t recognize the caller. With Zipwhip/TextBox, the conversation can easily continue.

  3. Great article- it is really hard to find a business that wouldn’t benefit from adding SMS. Whether it is the local business that wants to text-chat with customers, or the large enterprise that wants a fully integrated solution that offers text-chat, smart automation, and voice capabilities, they can all use SMS to drive better customer experiences and positive financial outcomes.

    The study mentioned above can be found here: http://onereachcontactcenter.com/high-demand-for-customer-service-via-text-message/


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