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Unseen And The Future Of Social Networks

Social networks have altered the way people interact with one another. Since its inception, the industry has seen its share of disruptive ventures, the most notable of which being Facebook. However, as the next…

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How Silent Circle Is Helping Win The Battle For Mobile Privacy

In the past couple of years the issue of personal privacy and just who has access to your online or mobile data has become increasingly contentious. Since its launch in late 2012,…

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Nextdoor Reaches a $1.1 Billion Valuation

According to a recent study, 33% of American homeowners simply can’t stand the people they live next to. For the rest of us there’s Nextdoor. The 5 year old local social network…

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Drone Wars. How Rapere Could Change The Industry

One has to love innovation. Take Rapere, for example. This startup is currently in the conceptual stages of mass producing what would be the worlds’ first drone interceptor drone. No that was…

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