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Are Luxury Brands Utilising The Full Potential Of Social Media?

(Article by Hassib Nasseri) The world of Advertising, PR and Marketing is changing at a lightening speed. Some brands have adapted to these changes very well, some have closed their eyes; hoping…

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Are These Asia’s Top 3 Travel Startups?

Asia represents a massive market for travel operators. With a growing middle class and availability of low cost airfares, tourist travel within Asia has grown significantly over the past decade. This has…

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Affectiva Pushes Emotion Analytics Into The Mainstream

Technology is leaping forward on a daily basis. The applications for such technology are numerous and new avenues of innovation are always being found. One such application is emotion analytics. At the…

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Promolta. Sing!

  Having had a number of friends and acquaintances who’ve embarked on musical careers, one of the most significant challenges they’ve relayed to me is how to gain an audience without a…

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