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Lenddo Is Bringing Social Tech To Banking

Since it was launched in the Philippines in March 2011, consumer lending company Lenddo has increasingly shifted its attention to the tech associated with its loan platform. Lenddo commenced operations with an…

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The Startup World Gets A Rating System

One of the main difficulties facing potential investors in startups is that the ecosystem’s decentralized nature, along with the potential for growth most new businesses possess (especially those offering services online) makes accurate…

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Beautified Keeps Your Salon One Click Away

There’s no question as to whether or not apps are useful. In the modern world apps are not only useful but have become an essential part of life. Simply take a look…

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Driving Innovation In Higher Education

Higher education is an industry that is currently undergoing significant transformation, with numerous startups being founded to challenge the traditional service model. There are two central problems that innovators are trying to…

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Kloud Is Bringing Businesses To The…Cloud

In the rapidly changing world of business services and computing, the shift to cloud based applications is largely inevitable. There are a number of benefits to cloud computing that make the case…

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How Quistic Is Advancing Entrepreneurship

The world of business today is full of insight. Innovators, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and bloggers are full of new self-help products, books and apps that surface on a near daily basis. A great…

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From Slum to Style: Lallitara’s Push For Sustainable Fashion

Companies everywhere now are picking up more sustainable practices to help make a bit of a difference in the world. But Boston-based Lallitara has sustainability in its blood. Every aspect of this…

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