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A Revolution in Work Freedom – Becoming a Digital Nomad

A Revolution in Work Freedom – becoming a digital nomad: Interview with Jacob Laukaitis Digital Nomadism is the new lifestyle with an adventurous attitude to the way of working, empowered by technology…

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Roulier Family in Valpo

How Keteka Is Giving Travel a New Look

Getting in touch with your surroundings is an important part of any trip abroad. While some travelers might opt for the all-inclusive resort, a growing number of adventurous consumers are looking to…

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A Guide To Social Platforms For B2Bs

(Article by Hassib Nasseri) Social Media has exploded in the last half a decade. Its now the number one use of the web. Today more than 1.5 billion people around the globe…

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(Image via Zimperium)

How Zimperium Is Solidifying Mobile Security

It’s no secret that mobile devices aren’t the most secure devices on the planet. Every week there seems to be another hacking perpetrated against one celebrity or another. The buck doesn’t stop…

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Ello. The Facebook Slayer?

It was only a matter of time wasn’t it? People have been writing about the imminent decline of Facebook for a few years now. There are several arguments as to why, with…

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