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Melbourne’s Timelio Helps SMEs Grow

With all the technological disruption taking place around the globe, traditional business models are being challenged wherever you look. The financial services industry is no exception. I recently had the opportunity to…

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8 Tips For Startups Looking To Import

(Article by James Sinclair) Once startups look to their next big order or customer, it is desirable to import goods or services to reduce costs, add value, increase efficiency and reduce supply…

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Time for Digital Financial Innovation

(Article by Vivianne Arnold) The advent of the Internet has often been compared to invention of the printing press in the late 15th century. Like the Internet, the printing of books made information…

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Fintech Ecosystem: Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration

(Article by Vijaya Thyil) Technological innovations focusing on the financial industry has led to a rapidly growing new ecosystem called Fintech.  A biological ecosystem generally comprises of organisms portraying continuously evolving relationships…

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Can BlueVine Solve Cash Flow Problems For Good?

Cash flow problems can beset any business. When relying on clients for payments, even a profitable venture can run into trouble in terms of having ready cash on hand. Given the explosion…

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For Stock Options, Employees Are Investors

(Article by Sergio Romo) Early startup employees often find it difficult to determine a fair stock compensation for them. Truth is, they are risk-takers just as founders and investors are. They invest their…

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How Fundbox Is Changing Small Business Financing

Being able to find a reliable funding source to help cover cash flow gaps often proves to be the difference between a successful small business, and one that ultimately fails. Especially in…

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Lenddo Is Bringing Social Tech To Banking

Since it was launched in the Philippines in March 2011, consumer lending company Lenddo has increasingly shifted its attention to the tech associated with its loan platform. Lenddo commenced operations with an…

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